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welcome to chi omega at the university of arizona!

My name is Jordan Schaller and I have the honor and privilege of serving as the Zeta Beta chapter of Chi Omega’s 2019 President. 

Chi Omega was founded in 1895 at the University of Arkansas. One hundred and twenty five years later, Chi Omega is now an organization made up of over 360,000 initiates and present on 181 colleges campuses. Our Zeta Beta chapter at the University of Arizona was founded in 1922 with our centennial approaching in 2022. 

I still remember the angst of recruitment, my immediate connection with Chi Omega, and the tears shed on Bid Day. The acceptance and warmth of my 300 new sisters has supported me as a student on this campus. Our chapter has provided me leadership opportunities, life long friends, and memories to last a lifetime. 

Chi Omega prides itself on our six purposes which are ever present in the Zeta Beta chapter. Friendship, high standards of personnel, community service, career and personal development, participation in campus activities, and sincere learning, help guide all sisters through their college career. Whether it is a late night McFlurry run or a movie at the chapter house, we strive to fulfill these six purposes everyday. 

Chi Omega is not just your home for four years, it is for a lifetime!

Love in Chi Omega, 

Jordan Schaller



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a message from our house mom, lori

I wanted to take some time out of my day to write a personal letter to the girls in the Zeta Beta Chapter of Chi Omega and express to all of you how very grateful I am to be their House Director. It never ceases to amaze me how committed they all are to the pursuit of academic excellence. I tend to stroll through the house with a big smile on my face as I see them huddle in groups studying for exams that are often weeks away. In a day and age of selfies and social media it is so refreshing and gives me great hope for our future to see such commitment. 

I also wanted to take a minute to share my impression of these young ladies. It is never easy to put a bunch of girls all in one room; much less 300+ girls together.  However, they do it effortlessly. They all genuinely care for each other and seem to really like and respect each other as well. I love sitting at mealtimes with the girls chit chatting about our day while observing their interactions with each other. In my observations I have never witnessed any of them speaking ill of each other-again a rare thing with so many. Their dedication to the chapter and their willingness to fulfill your duties is lovely to behold.

Now, speaking to the women of Chi Omega, I wanted to thank you all for making me feel so welcomed and accepted as your new ‘House Mom. Knowing I had big shoes to fill after Dorothy’s (our previous house director) departure made me a bit nervous. My nerves were quickly diminished after meeting so many of you that first day. You all welcomed me with open arms and made me feel right at home. The love that you have shown me I will always be grateful for and I hope you all know that that love is reciprocated ten-fold. 

Lastly, you should all be very proud of yourselves for not only, the reasons I have mentioned above but also, because you are shining beacons on a hill showing the way to true womanhood and I am so happy to have the pleasure of knowing all of you.

With much love and admiration,



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