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what makes chi o so special?


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On April 5, 1895, four young women, with the help of a local dentist, founded Chi Omega at the University of Arkansas. Today, Chi Omega has grown into the largest women's fraternal organization in the world with over 330,000 initiates, 178 collegiate chapters, and more than 250 alumnae chapters.

In 1922, twelve enthusiastic University of Arizona women formed a local sorority called Chi Delta Phi. Under the guidance of Mrs. G.M. Butler, they set Chi Omega as their national sorority goal. Then, on December 11, 1922, Chi Delta Phi was installed as the Zeta Beta Chapter of Chi Omega -- the 62nd official Chi O chapter in the nation!

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katie dube new member class of ‘18

Hi there! In fall of 2018, my life changed. Nobody in my immediate, or extended family had ever been involved in Greek life. Yet, I felt myself drawn to it, so I went through the recruitment process anyway. Then, I made the best decision of my life: I went Chi O. It’s funny how things that mean the most to you, are the hardest to talk about. Personally, I love Chi Omega because of how I feel every time I walk into the front door of the house. It really isn’t just a house, it has become my home (as cheesy as it sounds). I’m joined by an amazing group of sisters that make me feel welcomed and loved every day. On my best days, they laugh with me and join me in creating new memories together. On my worst days, they remind me that I matter and that I can get through anything and everything with them by my side. I’ve never felt as unconditionally loved and supported by so many people in my entire life. Coming to college can be a scary place, with thousands of unfamiliar places and living independently. Here’s the thing: it never felt like a scary and unfamiliar place to me. From day one of college, I had already made about 300 new friends. People who saw my Chi O shirt would wave to me, say hello, and welcome me to sit next to them in class. Most of them didn’t even know me. Recently, somebody asked me if I could picture myself in any other house. In complete honesty, I told them I couldn’t because you don’t get to decide where you belong. It may be fate, destiny, or just a whole lot of love, but I ended up becoming a new person with people who inspire me to be better every single day. 

Love in Chi Omega,

Katie Dube


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tara singleton new member class ‘17

Since the first day I walked through the doors of Chi Omega at 1420 E 1ststreet, I knew my life would be changed for the better. I knew I would be a part of an outstanding sisterhood, meet so many inspiring women and find an amazing little. I knew I would love going to football games, watching movies at the house, and making late night trips to AJ’s. I knew that these were all parts of being in Chi O and I love getting to experience all of them. But what I love most about Chi O are the things I didn’t know I would ever find, the things it has taught me in the last two years alone. I’ve learned how to laugh at myself, to love my mistakes, and to appreciate my talents. Chi O taught me how to dream and to strive to be the best student, friend and person I can be. Chi Omega is a place that encourages women to lift each other up, to celebrate our successes together and support each other when were down. It has taught me not only to be myself, but that being myself is the best thing I can be. The 350 women that make up this amazing chapter are my family and I love knowing that Chi Omega will always be a place we can all call home.


Tara Singleton

PC ‘17


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lauren keys new member class ‘16

Chi Omega has become my home away from home. Coming from out of state, I was extremely worried I wasn’t going to make friends. As my very first day as a Chi O, I walked into lunch and was embraced by so many amazing women who all have left an impact on my life. From meeting my best friends, to finding girls to study with, and lastly to helping me land my dream internship, Chi O has been with me through it all and without this organization I truly would not be the woman I am today!


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hannah bergmann new member class ‘15

After four years of college, I’ve learned a lot.  But without a doubt, the most important lessons have come from my Chi Omega sisters. Here are some of the stand-outs:

I’ve learned how to believe in myself more fiercely than I ever could before.  This came from years of watching the other incredible women around me believe in themselves and of my sisters never failing to empower each other.

I’ve learned that you’re never alone.  There will always be a friend there for you when you most need it.  Always reach out and you will find the support you need.

I’ve learned that I am so much stronger than I thought I was. Chi O has showed me the power of being a part of a group of strong women.

I’ve learned that there’s nothing braver than asking for help.

I’ve learned to always put myself out there, no matter how scary it might be.  I wouldn’t have gotten this amazing sisterhood if I didn’t put myself out there and go through recruitment.

I’ve learned that I love myself exactly the way I am, because I will always have a group of women that accepts me just the way I am.

I’ve learned to not take things too seriously.  Sometimes it’s more important to just have fun.

I’ve learned that my favorite days are bid days and date dashes (aka dressing up in ridiculous outfits and dancing with your best friends).

I’ve learned that my pledge class is filled with hands-down the coolest people I’ll ever meet.  And I’ve learned that singing “Linger” with them will always make me cry ugly, happy tears :’)

I’m incredibly thankful for Chi Omega and all it has taught me.  Often times the organizations we join are meaningful and fun but don’t leave a substantial mark on us for years to come.  However, I am forever changed by my time in Chi O.  Chi Omega has impacted me in ways I’ve never thought possible.  I know it can do the same for you if you let it.  LIXO


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