recruitment 2019


what is panhellenic recruitment?

Panhellenic Association Recruitment is the process in which potential new members consider sororities and sororities choose their new member class of through a weeklong process. This process is comprised of 3 sets (rounds), a preference day, and a bid day; for an overall experience of 7 days. Here at Chi Omega we are so excited to meet the potential new members that will make up our 2019 new member class. This process will run from August 16th- 25th, 2019. Go to to learn more about what this exciting process and what it entails.

why chi o?


Each fall, we have the pleasure of welcoming a new class of undergraduate women into our chapter through Formal Recruitment, and we could not be more excited! Membership in Chi Omega provides a place to call home, lifelong friendships, and an inspiring environment that cultivates personal growth and achievement! You can make a difference in Chi Omega. Chi Omega can make a difference in you.


molly blake- recruitment chair

Chi Omega is a place where a woman can be herself. It has brought me not only the most wonderful friends but shown me who I am. The friendships I have made in Chi Omega are there through thick and thin and I know they will continue to be throughout my life. I am so excited that as Recruitment Chair I have the opportunity to share this chapter with our Greek community and potential new members. It makes me eager because I know women will find that same support, friendships and personal growth that I did in Chi Omega. I can’t wait to show everyone our wonderful sisterhood!