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Welcome to the official site of Chi Omega’s Zeta Beta Chapter at the University of Arizona! Here at Arizona, Chi Omega takes pride in being the largest national women’s fraternity and holding a tradition of over 80 years on this campus.

The Zeta Beta chapter of Chi Omega holds a special place in my heart. I mean that with all sincerity because I have no idea where I would be without its purposes, people, and place.  

Our six purposes provide a blueprint for each of us to become our absolute best. Friendship, high standards, sincere learning, campus activities, career development, community service. These are the backbones of our sorority, not simply words on a page. They are seen in action everyday and encourage us to be the best sisters, students, citizens, and humans we possibly can.

The women of this chapter are truly extraordinary. They are my sisters who refuse to let me tackle anything alone (including a midnight milkshake run). They are imperfect women who welcome and embrace shortcomings. They are my most trusted confidants, my most inspiring and upbuilding friends. They are the future lawyers, nurses, teachers, doctors, businesswomen, engineers, writers, and dancers, who inspire me to learn, lead and contribute.

The place of Chi Omega is truly a home. I look forward to walking in the door simply because one of my 310 sisters will be on the other side. It is where we meet, where we eat, where we study, our place of comfort, our place of celebration and fun. It is one place on a crowded, bustling campus that we can be authentic and the place that makes the massive college world feel a bit smaller.

 We so often go into a group trying to, at the very least, find a home and, at the most, leave a lasting impact on it. It turns out that as hard as we try to leave an impact on Chi O, it continues to leave a stronger and more lasting impact on us.

Please enjoy browsing our website and learning more about our sisterhood. We hope that it provides a glimpse of the intelligent, driven, charismatic, and genuine individuals that define our sisterhood. 

Love in Chi Omega,                         
Sydney Hess
Chi Omega President

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