Scholarship Always

In Chi Omega, we recognize our responsibilities as dedicated college students. With majors ranging from Engineering to Dance and Marketing to Plant Sciences, our women excel in a variety of educational topics! Study parties -- complete with our chefs' famous s'mores bars -- provide our sisters with an environment that promotes hard work while still having fun!

Nationally, Chi Omega's grade point average exceeds the all women's GPA and all sorority GPA; and here at the University of Arizona, our Zeta Beta chapter consistently holds the highest GPA in the Greek community. Surrounded by driven sisters, it is always possible to find a helping hand, a study partner, or a mentor who will motivate you to achieve your very best


A Note From Our Vice President

Sincere learning and creditable scholarship are founding purposes of Chi Omega that reflect the commitment and academic mission of our national organization. The Zeta Beta chapter places high value on these founding purposes. The women in our chapter support and motivate each other to strive for academic success.

Serving as the Director of Scholarship, the Vice President organizes workshops for the chapter that range from time management and study skills to the importance of personal health and sleep during finals week. The Vice President also helps our New Members with their transition into college and ensures that they are equipped with the resources and support that they need to achieve their academic goals.

The women in Chi Omega never cease to amaze me with their genuine will and passion to learn. Determination and dedication drive the women of Chi Omega to not only better themselves, but to better their sisters around them. Our sisters are always willing to lend a helping hand, support, and encourage each other to reach their goals. This support, along with their excitement to excel and achieve beyond all expectations, provides the foundation for shaping intelligent, strong, and successful women in Chi Omega.

Love in Chi Omega,
Caitlyn Singleton
Chi Omega Vice President
Zeta Beta Chapter